No more living for the culture, we’re nobodies slaves.

A little bit contradictory I’m sure, but I loved Kanye’s new album. In fact, it actually spoke to me! I listened to it on repeat, but one lyric in particular really spoke to me. In Closed on Sunday he sings the lyrics, ‘No more living for the culture, we’re nobodies slaves.’

I’m also not trying to uplift Kanye, I’m uplifting God, he allowed this and he does this!

I want you to consider the questions below as you read it, before you read on.

Are you living for the culture? What does that look like? Is it you? Is that what you want to be doing?

Here’s the good news, because of Jesus, you are NEVER a slave to anything or anyone. HE set us free, HE keeps on breaking chains, HE gives us courage and HE sustains us through. You don’t have to be a slave to culture, always living to fit in. You don’t have to be chained up to behaving in the same deadly way that the world behaves, having sex to not feel lonely, but ending up feeling even more lonely after it. You don’t have to constantly look at that porn just to feel like you are normal or to feel some sort of validation. You don’t have to try all the drugs just because everyone else is and because the world tells you that you have to try everything before you die. You end up a slave to the culture that kills your soul. Culture changes, Jesus doesn’t. Culture traps us, Jesus sets us free. Culture believes you’re just a tiny spec in the whole of human existence, Jesus created you and specifically you, Jesus loves you and Jesus gives you purpose.

We are not slaves to anyone, ‘where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’, we are free. It’s time we accept that, believe that and live like that!

Declare that today and tomorrow and everyday after that, see what a difference that will make!


Lots of love, always,



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Culture Changes, Jesus doesn’t🔥🔥

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  2. Favour Adediran says:

    God help us to let you be our only culture in a world where you ain’t.

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