A Reminder.

The winter season is coming in rapidly (especially in Manchester!) The nights have come quicker and darker, the trees are bare and the weather is cold. This time of year can be hard for many, it’s not the brightest season and this affects us sometimes. Personally, I’ve found the season change a challenging one, as I do most years.

But, it brought me humbly to the place I needed to be. Often, when you are low or down or just unmotivated, you find you lean on God more than ever. God reminded me of something incredible in the past two weeks, which applies to us all, all the time.

Every single second you have breath in your lungs, you have God given purpose. 

(Taken from Job 33:4, ‘The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.’)

Read it. 

Re-read it. 

Recite it. 

You. Your very bones have purpose. You have a reason for existing, Jesus died and resurrected, to defeat death, so that we never have to face it. Meaning, that every breath you ever breath has purpose, because God set you apart and chose you. How incredible is the God we get to know on a personal level?! 

You have purpose when you feel you don’t.

You have been chosen when you feel you aren’t worth it.

You exist for a reason. 

So, if you are feeling low, unmotivated, unworthy or any feeling in the world, just know that because you are breathing YOU have purpose. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening (or whatever day you are reading this on!)

Lean on Jesus. 

Much love,



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