Cross to Death and Death to Life


Welcome back to part 7 of our “Back to Basics”. Hope you are all keeping safe and are feeling ok. And if you aren’t feeling ok, that’s ok too.

Today we are following on from last weeks, “Garden to the Cross”, with definitely the best part of the story! This Sunday (Easter Sunday) we, as christians will be celebrating Jesus coming back to life and defeating death. Essentially this is what Easter is about. This is what christians often mean by the term “resurrection”.

So, picking up where we left last week. Jesus was falsely persecuted and found falsely guilty and so was nailed to a cross for his punishment. “The Cross” is a term frequently used by christians and can be easily misunderstood! This term was commonly used in reference to the most severe form of punishment used by the Romans, for the most severe crimes (actually called “crucifixion”). Jesus (and the 2 thieves who hung either side of him) has their hands and feet nailed to some wood and they were left to die. Eventually a person would die from asphyxiation, or the inability to breathe. The Romans encouraged people to come and watch these events when they took place as a from of putting them off committing crimes and staying on their good side!

So, Jesus was then nailed to a cross in between 2 convicted thieves while many, including his mother, Mary, watched below. Jesus then died (for our sins I might add, so that we could have freedom.) He was pierced with a sword through his side for the Romans to check he was dead and then he was taken to the grave given by a close friend. It is then recorded that 3 days later Jesus rose again (hence the three days, starting Good Friday until Easter Sunday.) Many people saw him and were, as you can imagine, shocked! A lot happened in those 3 days, and too much for me to cover in one go!

The most important part to cover is this resurrection. Jesus was the Messiah, the one the Jews had been promised and had been waiting for. The King. The one to bring everything back together, and the one save everyone. But then he died? This was massively confusing to many people at the time, but especially to the Jewish community. This was not supposed to happen, this is not what Kings do. Maybe they were tricked? Maybe he wasn’t the Messiah after all? All their hope gone, just like that. Yet another empty belief.

That ain’t it chief.

No, Jesus rose again. Jesus confirmed his title, he confirmed he is the King when he defeated death. Death could not hold onto Jesus, he is too strong, too powerful and is not held down by human rationality and biology. Jesus defeats all. And in His name, so can you.

There’s much more to be said on this subject, and I will be posting a more in depth study of it (because it really excites me but also because its incredibly powerful stuff). Seems as this is just to cover the basics of what we, as christians believe, I’ll leave it at that. At Easter, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus because Jesus died for our sins, so that we could be forgiven, we could live a free life wrapped up in the eternal, gracious, wonderful and powerful love of Jesus forever. And you can too.

If you were the last person on earth, Jesus would have done the exact same.



Praying for you always, time is tough but God is tougher.


For reference, read Luke 23-24.

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